A list of creatures I have hurt (in no particular date order)

Clare Bakhtiar

I swatted two flies in my bedroom.

I once hit a cat on the top of the head with a piece of kindling – it wasn’t hard, but enough to make it scarper.

I swatted loads of flies on a rocking horse ride in Tenerife and enjoyed it because it was satisfying, until my aunty stopped me. I then knew it had been wrong to do and and was worried that I enjoyed it.

I have to hoover up spiders at Liz’s when I clean her ceiling beams – I hate hate hate this.

Insects when I drive.

Knats, and mosquitoes, although for years now I’ve caught them in glasses and let them out of the window.

Lice – not really concerned about them.

Aphids and other garden pests. If I can I just throw them out of the garden though, like slugs and snails.

Accidentally crunching snails under my shoes.

Erroneously trying to help kill a hedgehog that had been hit by a car but was still alive. We were kids and thought it was the most compassionate thing to do. It still haunts me as we didn’t manage to kill it and increased it’s suffering.

Kicked our pet dog, a large St Bernard, numerous times when little. It’s how my mum got him to move from the bottom of the stairs. I did the same as her. fortunately my kicks we weak because I was small.

I squashed blood spiders on the the wall by our house with my friends to see how they resembled blood. I liked doing this.

I’ve worked in meat factories knowing that the animals die scared and aware. I just tried to ignore it.

No doubt there’s other stuff I don’t remember. I think that’s a lot of animals I’ve harmed. I don’t like it but it’s true.

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