A Temper like Scraping Flint, Dialogue 5

Themba Lewis (and CMEB)

Disconnection Dialogues

Dialogue 5



Love is hard.

Men want me to love them and make them laugh and fuck them well.

They like the interesting side of things.

They like the independence and spicy-ness.

But I need helping and caring for.

I feel just like others do.

And I find it hard to give myself these days when it seems it’s not there for me. I’ve had bad experiences like everyone.

So that will be why you feel your needs have not been considered.



Are you saying that I just want you to love me and make me laugh and fuck me well?



Would I be on here now if that’s what I was saying?

They have, but I was scared and wanted to see what would happen.

What do you disagree with?



That I should be catagorised like that.

That I am primarily concerned with those three topics, and there is an absence of any concern for caring and support from me.

I disagree with that.


I am a man.




I’ve had many.



And I am one of them.

And you made a statement about men.

I want to know if that is what you think of me.



My son is one of them.

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